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Kim has an eye for detail and is keen to work with you to create your style vision,  in both cut and colour! She oversees all salon training and creates beautiful designs for bridal parties on that special day. She is highly creative, with an ability to think outside of the box.

What part of your life as a hairdresser do you love the best? (eg: colouring, foiling etc)

My favourite part of hairdressing is seeing a transformation from start to finish. I love making people feel good and I love seeing beautiful hair walk out the door. I’d say my favourite type of colouring is natural looking, soft beautiful colour.

While I love all aspects of my job (cutting, colouring etc) my passion is styling and I LOVE blow drying and upstyling. And I LOVE weddings!

What is your proudest moment as a hairdresser so far?

Winning Apprentice of the year in 2011 was definitely up there! I’m also pretty proud that I get to share my skills and train our apprentices.

Who or what inspires you most?

Everything inspires me! The people around me especially. I’ve been lucky to work with a lot of people who are really dedicated to their craft and they’ve inspired me to always work towards my best.

In your opinion, what is the best hair trend of the last decade?

I feel like the trend lately is to not really follow a trend, and I love that! Messy texture, soft shapes. I like that hair can look like hair.




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