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We offer OLAPLEX at Ebony Hair as part of a service upgrade or as a stand-alone treatment.


OLAPLEX links and rebuilds the broken bonds in the hair during or after chemical services making your hair stronger that it was before! Bonds can break when exposed to the chemicals in hair colouring products, thermal processes like straightening and blow drying, and mechanical strain like combing hair while wet.


Ideal for use in natural and coloured hair, OLAPLEX strengthens the individual strands and guards against breakages and hair loss. When used in colour, your hair is rebonded and made stronger during a time when hair would usually become more damaged. Colouring also lasts longer and appears more vibrant and saturated.


Used as a stand-alone treatment, damage from chemical services and heat styling can be reversed and hair regains its elasticity and life.


A comprehensive treatment program for your hair

The OLAPLEX line includes three distinct products each suited to different applications. The No. 1 Bond Multiplier can be added directly to colour or lightening products to support the hair during the colouring process. The No. 2 Bond Perfector is suited as a stand-alone express treatment or for use after a colour to support the strength and structure of the hair and restore its original integrity. The No. 3 Hair Perfector is the take-home component, maintaining and enhancing the benefits from the in-salon treatment. 


OLAPLEX is also a great addition to our keratin smoothing treatment.


Our salon offers a variety of OLAPLEX treatments:

  • In colour with Home Treatment $65.00
  • In colour $30.00
  • Stand-alone service with Home Treatment $85.00
  • Stand-alone service $50.00



OLAPLEX Treatments at Our Manly Salon